Customer Success Rep

Company: Senior Sign

Category: Customer Success

Type: Part-time

Location: Ogden, UT

Without functioning document templates and full implementation, the Senior Sign platform provides little to no benefit to our customers. Because of this, setup and document creation are key parts to our new customer’s success with Senior Sign.

A good customer success rep takes extra initiative to communicate with their manager. We expect reps to remain aware of their tasks, timelines, and budgets for each new customer launch. Everything from customer creation to creating packets falls within your domain.

Key responsibilities:
  • Responsible for new customer setup within Senior Sign
  • Methodical implementation of customer instructions
  • Create document templates for senior living communities
  • Work within the Senior Sign admin tool to create new customers
  • Communicate effectively with other team members to allocate tasks
  • Responsible for personal quality assurance prior to customer launch
  • Expected to work within hourly budgets and timelines for each new customer

How we measure success for this role:
  • Overall quality of documents created (attention to detail)
  • Meet expected timelines and hourly budgets
  • See new improvements in efficiency and quality
  • Improved communication skills

Education and experience requirements:
  • No education or degree requirements
  • Team project experience a plus